Excellence Riviera Cancun

Excellence Riviera Cancun

Resort Quick Facts

  • Adults Only
  • All Inclusive
  • 440 Rooms & Suites
  • 10 Restaurants, 4 Bars
  • 24-hour Room Service


Welcome to Excellence Riviera Cancun!  After a 20 minute drive from the Cancun International Airport, we have arrived.


The champagne they served us when we arrived got us ready for the next stop –  the lobby bar.

1 hotel bar

Excellence’s pool situation is.. well… excellent!  They’re definitely not hurting for pool space.

Here’s the main pool, but there are others scattered throughout the property here and there.

3 main pool

Hey, you have to have a nice pool bar and plenty spots to relax if I’m going to be there a while!


If you book with the Excellence Club, there’s an exclusive area just for you with extra perks like access to a special section of beach, a bar, and a quiet pool, and an awesome lounge where you can self-pour top shelf liquor.  When you check in, you do so at a private air conditioned lounge instead of waiting in a line at the main entrance.

excellence club pics

Drum roll please for the 2-story Excellence Suite…  (I’ll assume you’re doing it)

5 2 story suite

Spoiler alert: there’s a private pool and outdoor shower on the roof deck, and another tub on the 1st story balcony.

2 story club suite

Never underestimate the glory of multiple bathtubs, both inside and out!  The pictures don’t quite do it justice so I highly recommend watching the video.

One of our honeymooners recently sent us these extra pictures from the 2 story Honeymoon Suite, which is a larger space with a living room area, and has much more deck space up top to lounge.  It’s also the closest room to the beach, so it has an amazing view of the ocean

honeymoon suite

While the 2-story suites are of course amazing, let’s not sell the swim-out suite view short!


Ok we’ve been here a while now… why are we not eating yet?  Off to find food!  There’s very nice ambiance just walking around.


Because we’re on vacation, we stopped at the buffet quick to look at some dessert finger foods first…  #norules


There are 8 different full service restaurants, and it was such a nice day, why not eat outside?  We were feeling like Italian!


If you prefer to eat right on the beach, you can get served food and drink at Las Olas, the beach snack grill.



With full stomachs, we went to walk the beach.  I’m as Irish as they come, and will burn in 3 minutes without sunscreen, and 15 with it.

The beach and I are not best friends.

We made use of the cabanas and the cocktail area with trellis!


If you want some beach privacy, they also have private cabanas that can be reserved in advance.


As we were heading back, they were setting up a private beach dinner for that night, which looked really nice and romantic.


On our way to the spa, we passed the activity board, and they definitely have lots of stuff to do.  If you get bored here, I don’t know what to tell you.

Ready for the spa?


On our way in we grabbed fresh smoothies from the smoothie bar that were made in front of us.

I had the energizer, and Amber had a custom one with strawberry banana.  Both were awesome!


Want to see more?  Watch our videos of Excellence Riviera Cancun.