Secrets Maroma Beach

Secrets Maroma Beach

Quick Stats

  • 412 total suites
  • Swim-out suites and private pools available
  • 6 a la carte restaurants, 1 buffet, and a cafe
  • 24 hour room service
  • 7 bars, including a swim-up bar
  • Pool and beach wait service
  • Full service spa
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Daily live music, dancing & entertainment
  • Open air theater with nightly live performances
  • Theme party nights & movies on the beach


Being able to get to one of the world’s nicest beaches in just 30 minutes after picking up your luggage is pretty great!


I’ll admit, we had a few other stops along the way. (Because we are admittedly spoiled and were sampling a few different resorts) But if you’re looking for an amazing spot to honeymoon or tie the knot without dealing with a long commute, then it’s Secrets Maroma to the rescue.

Also, if you’re a beach aficionado, and you don’t have Maroma Beach on your checklist of places to go, you must have missed one. (I’ll give you a minute to add it…)



The white powdery wonderland of Maroma puts neighboring beaches to shame. (Which is really saying something, since I haven’t found many beaches in Riviera Maya that I would add to my no-fly list.)



Brian and I have stayed at quite a few Secrets Resorts, (Again, lucky and spoiled) and although the brand itself maintains high standards all around, Maroma seems by far to be the nicest one in Riviera Maya.  The entertainment was top notch, the food was great (more about that later) and the whole resort just feels very luxuriously classy compared to its more casual and mod sister resort further north, Secrets Silversands.

But hey, the brand new Secrets Akumal is on our list of places to head next, so I’m open to some competition!


We have arrived!




I’m going to skip around here instead of leading you through chronologically.  There’s plenty of time to look at the lobby and rooms.  Let’s get to the fun stuff first!  The pool of course.



By the way, in case you’re thinking “hmmm why is everything so empty?” I woke up super early to take most of these when the sunlight was nice and the day beds were unoccupied so I wouldn’t have to be that rude person taking photos of guests… 🙂

Enough talking for a bit – enjoy the pictures!


secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-pools-3  secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-pools-1png

secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-pools-6a secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-pools-7

secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-ocean-daybed secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-nest-zone

There’s a shallow walking pool that winds out from the main lobby building and leads down to the beach.  (Part decoration, part cooling off of the feet!) The water is clean and clear, but the stone underneath is red – I’ve been asked a few times why the water looks this color, so that’s why!




The main building is home to quite a few different things.  (See I told you we would get to it)

From the front, it opens up into the lobby where you check in.




From the back, a grand staircase leads up to the foyer, where you can access the lobby bar, the cafe, the a la carte restaurants, and the Desires music lounge.


This is Himitsu, the Japanese hibachi and sushi bar.



If you stay downstairs, you can access the buffet restaurant where breakfast is served.


My favorite part of the breakfast buffet? The freshly squeezed juice bar.

secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-food-juicebar secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-food-juicebar2

And while we’re talking about my favorites, here’s El Patio, the Mexican Restaurant.  In lieu of traditional menus, all of their menu items can be viewed on iPads so that you can see what everything looks like.  And it actually comes out looking the same as the picture!



Brian loved this. 🙂


At El Patio, there’s a Tequileria, where (I’m pretty sure it’s meant for before your meal) you can sample various high-end tequilas.

Most of these are extra like the high end wine menu, but you should try just one if not several anyway!! The manager was kind enough to spoil us and bring us something he recommended – it was basically a tequila creme liquor, and while I didn’t expect to like it, it was pretty awesome!


Ok, enough food, the rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Time for the rooms!  I know this is where you want me to stop talking again and just get to the pictures, so here we go.

Preferred Club Ocean View with Private Pool


Preferred Club Swim-out Suite


Thinking about the Presidential Suite?  The presidential pool alone is worth it.

jacuzzi_terrace.jpg (800×534)

Below are a few photos from our room, but first a quick note about the Preferred Club –

Personally, I really enjoy staying Preferred Club for the mix of perks.  I know it’s not something that every single person will value, but for Brian and me, it works. At Maroma and many other Secrets, the Preferred rooms are in the most ideal locations, often next to the beach, or near a private pool area. Because of how Maroma is laid out in a U shape, the Preferred Club rooms are worth it for anyone who wants a view.



In the Preferred Club Lounge, it’s like they’re there to take care of just you. (well, they are)  Having the super easy private check in and out, the snacks and drinks available during the day, and quick easy access to casual breakfast options when we’re on the go early is really helpful.


At Maroma, the private bar in the lounge had a menu of top shelf martinis, so we lined up one of each kind and had ourselves a private Grey Goose martini tasting!  It was awesome.  If you’re there, don’t pass up the chocolate martini!

secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-preferred-club1 secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-honeymoon-resort-preferred-club2

For any business person who doesn’t have the luxury of leaving their work at home when they travel, the Preferred Club Lounge is also a perfect spot to set up your laptop and get stuff done in a calm, classy environment, so you have a place to separate yourself from your leisure space. Or heck, forget the work and just play some chess!

Our Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View –


secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-junior-suite-2 secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-junior-suite-3 secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-junior-suite-bathroom-2

I saved the most important part of our room for last…


I can’t think of any chocolate that I’ve found on my pillow and not eaten happily, but Rochers??   An extra pleasant surprise. Well done.

Alongside them is the Sundial – a daily paper that fills you in on weather and sunset times, and lets you know about special entertainment going on that day.  If not for this, we might have missed one of the best performances we’ve seen at a resort – (no, not the night that I sang karaoke) … Beatles Night!!


This. was. SO cool!  The awesome cover band that featured about 10-15 different Beatles classics was great, and the acrobats and dancers that put on a performance in front of them was even cooler.  Everything from the costumes to the lights – it was all fun to just look at.  This show would hold the attention of anyone.  We really really enjoyed it.




Another night, they hosted a resort wide reception dinner outside on the pool deck, with an above-pool aerial acrobatic performance once it got dark.

secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-entertainment4 secrets-maroma-beach-mexico-all-inclusive-adults-only-resort-entertainment4a

After the performance, we headed down to the beach, where there was a foam party going on next to the beach bar for those looking to turn it up a notch! (Did I just say “turn it up a notch?”  I’m getting old…)


Honestly, it was SO much more fun than I expected.  As an adult, there are few moments where you’ll be able to experience a miniature foam party on the beach.  I’m not going to end up in a Miami club somewhere to get this experience, so this was perfect.  🙂


There was what seemed to be a honeymoon couple there having the time of their lives, and I couldn’t help but take this picture of them.  It sure would be amazing to have them somehow stumble across this blog post someday and be able to have this picture of themselves! So cute.

You’d never guess that this beach by night looked like this by day –



And now that we’ve shifted from high energy to zen energy, last but not least, the spa.


When I say this is a beautiful spa, this is a beautiful spa!!




SEMRC_SPA_CABINS_1.jpg (800×533)

We were only here 4 days since we were also going to a few other places, and it was not long enough! This would be an amazing place to stay a whole week and experience all the other great stuff they have to offer. (And try more tasty bevs…)

While I was hoping to end our stay with a monkey sighting, no such luck.

But we did see plenty of cute little anteaters!


Adios Maroma! We’ll be back.