Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

I’m always up for an adventure, but a simple 19 minute ride from the airport to our welcome mimosas was pretty nice this time around!  Hellooo Secrets Silversands!


For Brian’s 30th birthday, a trip to Mexico was in order.  We couldn’t decide on one place to stay, so we hopped around a bit!  Sampled a little bit of this, little bit of that…

Anywhere we go, we try to take a good set of photos so that you can get a real feel of what it’s like to be there.

Most of the photos here are our own, with very few exceptions.  We’re not professional photographers, but we did our best.  Don’t worry – if there’s a photo that was taken by the resort and not us, you’ll be able to tell!  I added a few pictures of other room categories so you could see more than just the one we stayed in.


The resort is super mod – the kind of place that makes you want to re-do your whole house when you get home. (speaking from experience..)


After checking in at the lobby and enjoying a mimosa (or two) we headed through the main hall to the grand staircase where it opens up into a two-story atrium with a great bar called Rendezvous in the middle.



While stopping there was tempting, we had our eye out for a different kind of beverage… COFFEE!!  Bri and I are coffee aficionados.  When you find yourself wondering whether they have automatic drip or pour-over as you approach a cafe, you realize that although you call yourself an aficionado, you’re really more of a coffee snob.

I’m at peace with it now. In fact I think I like my coffee snob title!


20140714_113658 20140714_113811

Ask and you shall receive.. what’s at the bottom on the steps?  A coffee shop <<ahhhhh>>




The Coco Cafe has plenty of creative options, but I like my coffee plain, black, and ready to jolt me, so that was easy enough to find.  Success!

The atrium opens right up to the outside, so pumped full of caffeine, out we go.


I like how they’ve integrated plants into the layout of the pool area and walkways.  Some hotels and resorts have outside areas where you would only know you’re outside because if you look up you see the sky.  I like being able to walk around plants and vegetation and feel like I’m actually outdoors.



I guess this is a good problem to have, but we really didn’t know which pool to go in first!  If you look at this place on Google maps, it looks like a treasure chest of pools, and it is.

pools of Silversands


It’s most famous for its huge infinity pool that looks out onto the ocean, which really is nice.

SESRC_INFINITY-POOL_lowres 20140714_123620 20140714_121004

Any pool where I can hop on a tube and lazy-river around gets a thumbs up from me.



Because of its location, Secrets Silversands has a really nice long stretch of beach with lots of places to just chill out.  The aerial shot really shows the beach nicely. (We’d love to say we took this shot from a parasailing adventure or something, but this is not the case.  See, I told you you’d know when a photo wasn’t ours!)


I’ve always said that this resort makes an awesome destination wedding spot, because check out this pier!


Another great thing about the layout – everything’s pretty close, without feeling crowded. I know for me, my pool time and beach time intermix, so I like being able to hop back and forth easily.

20140714_115948 20140714_12000220140714_120324

I can appreciate a nice beach, and I’ll go in the water a little bit, but generally I’m not a huge fan of sand. I like a nice inside/outside seating setup.

So now for my favorite seat in the entire place…


This is where Brian hung out while I did some recon at the spa.  And by “recon” I mean went there to snap some pictures and accidentally fell into the pedicure chair and the rest is history.  Whoops…



20140714_112725I wasn’t brave enough to have the fish treatment.  Has anyone done that and enjoyed it? I’m all for trying new things so maybe I will someday, but I am quite hesitant.


20140714_112659SESRC_indoor SPA_MASSAGE-ROOM_3



I can’t believe I’ve made it this far through the post without showing you the room!  I’ll start with our room, and then add in a few other pictures so you can see other room categories.


I love the little room service doors – think about it.   When does room service get ordered?  Late at night, your pj’s are on, maybe the room is a little more disheveled than you’re proud of..

Room service knocks, they put the tray on the shelf inside the room service door, (we recommend putting a tip inside in advance since there’s no exchange) you open up the compartment from your end, vioala!  Food delivery without any consequence whatsoever.

Some very smart individual thought of this.


Ok time for the Preferred Club Honeymoon Suite-

20140714_111632 20140714_111641


Ours was garden view, and here’s the oceanfront view from the living room-

honeymoon suite ocean front

And here’s the Oceanfront Jr. Suite-

jr suite jr suite 2

The Preferred Club Jr. Swim-up Suites-

preferred club jr suite oceanfront swimup

And the Master Suite living room and bath-

master suite livingroom master suite bath

And then they have these cool Honeymoon Suite Cabanas, made to feel like over-water bungalows that have more tropical decor-

preferred club jacuzzi ocean view SESRC_CHS_OP_18 preferred club jacuzzi ocean 3

Alright alright enough about rooms!  Let’s talk about food!  We’ve stayed at quite a few Secrets properties, and the food is always pretty good. This is their French restaurant, Bordeaux.Bordeaux



I have this innate gift for tracking down sushi any place you take me.  Brians swears I have a sixth sense for locating Japanese cuisine.  Maybe he’s right?  Needless to say, Himitsu, the Hibache grill,  was my favorite.

HimitsuThey have a sushi conveyor belt.  A la cart sushi gets sent out fresh, and you pick up what you want as it goes around.  And there’s plenty to go around.  I was concerned when I realized we were sitting toward the end of the line, but we didn’t go hungry in the least! 20140714_105736

We were already off to another place for Brian’s actual birthday, otherwise it would’ve been cool to reserve the wine cellar room for a birthday dinner.  Very cozy and private!  20140714_110205


There’s tons of stuff to do here, and an entertainment board published by the pool area lets you know what day and time everything is happening. You also get a newsletter sent to your room each morning that gives you any updates you might need about restaurants, theme nights, etc.

20140714_112104 20140714_112137 20140714_112149

We couldn’t fit every single photo we had into this post, so check out more in our Facebook album here.

Sometimes pictures only do a resort justice up to a point – Check out our videos of Secrets Silversands here