Secrets St. James & Wild Orchid

Secrets St. James & Wild Orchid

Quick Facts

  • All Inclusive
  • Adults Only
  • 7 Restaurants, 8 Bars Collectively
  • 24-hour Room Service
  • Resorts share a promenade in a twin complex
  • 350 Rooms at each resort, 700 total

Welcome to Secrets St. James & Wild Orchid, a 16 minute drive from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay- not bad!


You actually fly over the resort’s peninsula coming into the airport, so should you head there, definitely secure a window seat to check out the aerial view.


Although St. James and Wild Orchid are technically separate resorts, you get all the perks of both if you stay at one of them.  They’re pretty much right next to each other, and share restaurants and bars.  They do each have their own style, and the entrances are separate.

1b 1a

Especially if you’re arriving during peak season, the perk of having your own private check-in for the Preferred Club is definitely worth it!  You check in at a different spot with your own lobby, which is less busy than the main lobby.  You also have access to the Preferred Club lounge, where there is always a little mini-buffet and bar to pop in a grab something quick without the bother of going to a restaurant if you’re on the go. There is also top shelf liquor, an area to play chess, and a small library.  The Preferred Club also has it’s own pool, which is typically less crowded than the main pool area.


st. james PreferredClub_1

We checked in to the St. James Preferred Jr. Suite Ocean View our first day in Jamaica, hopped around to stay at a few others, and then came back to stay at Wild Orchid’s Preferred Master Suite.  Both were great and the theme of our stay was tubs and pools- lots of them!

There were so many pictures, we had to give them their own page, so click through the links above!

The water is super clear, and the beaches are just really beautiful with the rolling Montego Bay hills in the backdrop.


Because the resort is located on a peninsula, there’s plenty of shore space to enjoy.  The water is pretty calm since it’s technically the bay.


I even went in! (Don’t tell me this doesn’t count.. I’m not an ocean swimmer. It totally counts.)


There’s a great jetty that you can walk out onto, so we got our “we’re in the middle of the bay” fix from there.



It was late afternoon so we hopped around to a few of the many beach lounging spots to try to catch the sunset. Even though it was cloudy and overcast that day, we still managed to see a little something!

beach lounging spots

When I saw a private beach dinner being set up, the travel planner in me kicked in.  We went around the resort to catch the different romantic settings they had to offer.

private dinner spots

That night we headed over to the Promenade for Jamaican night and sampled some wine while listening to a steel drum performance.


The Promenade is shared by both St. James and Wild Orchid, so it has a lot to offer in the way of nightlife, and still lets you escape back to your quiet hallway when you’ve had enough.  It’s closer to the Wild Orchid side, so if you’re looking for more peace and quiet, better to stay on the St. James side.


Ok enough about quiet, let’s talk about pools!!

Actually, no talking.  Let’s just look at some.

This is the main pool on the Wild Orchid side –

It looks awesome at night!





If you’re out and about enjoying the beach and pools, and you don’t stop at this food stand, then….  well… just make sure you do!  And have Jamaican Beef and Chicken Patties.

Have several.


Also stop at the jerk chicken cart that makes its way around the beach path.

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

There’s a fresh fruit cart in the same vicinity, and my wife hand-fed her grapes to a peacock nearby.  I don’t necessarily recommend doing this…

Collectively between the two properties, there are 7 restaurants and 10 bars.

We really liked the outside bar called The Baracuda, where some of the seats are swings that hang from the ceiling.  Actively swinging while sipping a tasty bev?  Also on the not-recommended list.



While in Jamaica, we felt the need to eat jerk chicken and other Jamaican cuisine every chance we got, so we did!  Blue Mountain is their Jamaican style restaurant.




Since it’s located in the Pavillion, there are bars right next to it you can walk to after dinner.  My wife is a pianist, so she was pretty excited to see this next place…


It’s an open air bar, but if you really want to be outside, there’s seating all around the area.


Speaking of outside, the Seaside Grill is great place to grab a bite in the open air.   It’s attached to the pool bar and swim-up bar, so it’s a perfect spot for when you’ve been in the pool for hours indulging in piña coladas and decide it’s time to eat!


We have so many pictures of this place, I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to share without going crazy!   So here are a few more just for good measure…

The view from our Preferred Club Suite at St. James –



My wife’s favorite spot on the resort (obviously) – on our balcony of the Wild Orchid Master Suite


The friends we visited on our way to the Pavillion each day –


Ah yes, how could we forget the spa??




The walkway to get to the Pavilion – beautiful view of the bay the whole time!


I’ve stayed at quite a few Secrets while traveling, and it was great to be able to take Amber this time.



Photos just not enough?  See our videos from Secrets St. James & Wild Orchid