The Belmond Maroma

The Belmond Maroma

Resort Quick Facts

  • Not All Inclusive
  • Adult Focused
  • 3 Restaurants, 2 Bars on site
  • 64 Rooms & Suites
  • 30 mins from Cancun Int. Airport


Most people would never guess that a beautiful hideaway like The Belmond could be found just 30 minutes outside of the spring break capital of the world. I’d say the Belmond is the luxurious opposite of most mass market hotels and resorts in this area.


The property itself used to be a private residence, and the Belmond group purchased it and opened the resort in 1995. Now it’s one of the most authentically Mexican boutique hotels you could hope for as a traveler who likes the finer things and seeks unique cultural experiences. 63 rooms and suites offer “pure escapism with a touch of Mayan magic.”

ocan_1366x650_exterior21.jpg (1366×650)

Maroma has rightfully become a globally recognizable name for beach aficionados, and the Belmond couldn’t have asked for a better beachfront location than this. There is certainly a good amount of work that goes into keeping these white sand beaches beautiful, and staff here seems quite determined to make sure everything meets the expectations of excited guests.


You notice very quickly on the drive in that this resort is different than the newer big-box high rise resorts that many tourist know all too well. Nestled into the natural landscape, the main lobby is a comfortable space where guests are greeted privately. You won’t climb thirty steps next to a fake waterfall to get to one of fifteen check-in desks here.


Let’s temporarily cut right to the chase – you saw the amazing cover photo at the top and I don’t want to make you scroll forever to see the two-story pool suite! So we’ll just go right to the roof deck, and then give you the tour of the bottom story, and THEN get to the food and other highlights of the property.

In we go!


Plunge pool with trellis?
Thatched roof cabana?
Outdoor dining setup?
Lounge chair made for two?    Check Check!!!


Needless to say, we couldn’t have been happier to see this awesome setup when we got to the top of the steps. Now on to the first story!

The first floor of the suite (which is on the second floor of this building) is divided in half-
Living room, dining room and outside patio on the left when you walk in, and then the bedroom, another lounge area with couches, and another outdoor sitting area on the right through the doors.

We have a video walk-through of the room if you’d prefer to watch it in person.


Here’s another thing we were pleasantly surprised by-
This, my friends, is what a coffee snob wants to see in their hotel room! Am I right??


The bedroom and bathroom are raised up in comparison to the sitting area, so it feels more separate and in it’s own space, which is nice.



wine cellar

And back to the rooms as promised-

There are technically 4 different room categories here, each of which has a unique access point. Some have their own direct access from outside, and others share an exterior entrance. For guests who prefer to escape privately into the brush, there are rooms with entrances like the one shown below. For others who value exposure to direct beach access, you can get that as well.



Now let’s get back to the beach for a second!

I panned away from there without showing you the Temazcal, and of course the famous Freddy’s Bar.

A good authentic Mexican resort will typically have an area for Temazcal. This heated ceremony was thought in ancient Mesoamerica to purify the body after exertion. Performed at dusk, heated rocks are doused with herb-infused water to create a healing steam, and aloe vera is then applied to the skin for nourishment.


Freddy’s Bar offers the largest collection of tequila and mescals in the region, and you can also order fresh ceviche, sushi, and sashimi.




We love this beach front and all it has going on. With everything right there, it’s an exciting environment where you feel like you’re in the middle of it all, and yet you can walk just 30 feet down the beach to find a private spot to lay and soak up the sun.


Next, I must warn you, there are quite a few food pictures that are going to make you ready to eat!
I’m also going to make a bold statement here… so get ready…

We visited quite a few places while in the Riviera Maya region this year, and the lunch we had at the Belmond was the BEST lunch we had all week.


Beer selection wise, it was awesome that they had Akumal, which I had never tried before. A lot of places in Mexico don’t house much more than your standard Modelo, Dos Equis and Tecate, so this was a pleasant surprise! The margarita was one of the better ones I’ve had- natural tasting, not too sweet, and you could taste the flavor of the tequila. (Brian sadly doesn’t care for tequila so naturally I had to be the official taster!)



Even with a menu like this, Brian finds himself needing to sample a burger anywhere he goes so that he can compare apples to apples. It’s not the most Mexican way to enjoy lunch in Mexico, but he ordered it with Oaxaca cheese to make up for it! Delicious. And in his defense we had been eating Mexican food for 5 days straight already, so it was time to switch it up a bit..

I had the duck carnitas tacos with the most delicious tamarind sauce.  Mmm.. the duck was so tender and perfectly seasoned.


Aaaaand I’ll just throw this guac by Executive chef Eugenio Villafana right in here… No explanation needed.


In my family we joke that nobody knows it’s time to go home unless you serve them coffee, so coffee after lunch is now a Staffa staple.


We declined dessert because we were physically stuffed to the brim, but the kitchen staff sent a sample of coconut ice cream in a waffle cone over for us, so hey, we choked it down! 🙂



One of my favorite things available here is the tequila tasting event at the Cantina, right inside off of the beach.  The table seats 8 but can be adjusted, and whether you’re a tequila pro or a novice, I promise you’ll learn something cool!


This would be such a fun thing to do with a group of family or friends, or even as a couple with other couples you meet. Everybody gets a sombrero and a flight of tequila glasses and hopes to remember each other when they wake up in the morning!


I just love how authentic this whole area is, and how the environment is super casual and relaxed.


They also do an awesome beach setup, so I’m sure you could do a tasting outdoors if you prefer to do your sipping and savoring while soaking up the rays!

Alright, now rumor has it the whole “wait 30 minutes before you swim after eating and drinking” thing isn’t that serious, so on to the pools!


Surrounded by foliage but still open to the sun’s rays, there is a large family pool, as well as one exclusively for adults.
Take a look at the detailed woodwork on the lounge chairs – you can just tell how much time and care went into the making of each one!


Next, on to Kinan Spa, built around healing Mayan rituals. It was just voted #1 Best Spa in Mexico and Latin America by Condé Nast Traveler.

Special care went into designing the spa, so that every part aligned properly with the stars to create a positive flow of energy.  If you’re not that in tune with your spa energy, well then hey, it just looks super tranquil either way!


In total there are 32 different treatment options, including four different facials, and six different types of massage.  Shown below is a treatment room with a sauna, steam room, and spa.

15a-The-Belmond-Maroma-Beach-Mexico-Luxury-Hotel-Spa 15b-The-Belmond-Maroma-Beach-Mexico-Luxury-Hotel-Spa


Well now that you’ve seen a pretty comprehensive overview of the resort, (not everything, of course- have to leave some to the imagination!) I added in a few other rooms we got to see while we were there.

As I mentioned, there are four different main room categories, with variation within each one depending on which building you’re in and whether it’s ocean view, garden view, etc..


14-The-Belmond-Maroma-Beach-Mexico-Luxury-Hotel-Food 14a-The-Belmond-Maroma-Beach-Mexico-Luxury-Hotel-Suite






Having now been there myself and had an absolute blast, I’m already excited for the next person who will have the privilege of staying at this Mayan gem.

Would I go back? Definitely. Hopefully!

Pictures not cutting it for you? Watch our videos from this resort here.